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Bonnie Helen Hawkins

"The Force Of Nature"  -  Date: 23/11/2019 onwards

Bonnie creates art of a startling intensity and drama. Her work pays homage to the power and beauty.......the ‘Force’ .....of the natural world. She is not, howeve, a slavish copier of the world around her. Bonnie’s paintings are an emotional response to place, light and colour.  It is this amalgam of colour, spontaneity and representation that has produced such a rich and expressive body of work, suffused with the atmospheric quality of Impressionism, underpinned by a respect for traditional drawing skills yet with modern abstract overtones. She says:


“I was always meant to be an artist and started as a child. 

I feel privileged that my paintings have always struck a chord with others.  Art is the ultimate expression of mankind, I am a link in an unbroken chain that stretch’s back to our hunter gatherer ancestors, painting the force of nature in the pristine world around them, on cave walls”


Although often at work developing a collection for exhibition, Bonnie does take commissions and is experienced at working with interior designers. When not painting Bonnie creates exquisitely detailed narrative illustrations for both children’s and adult books.

Below are the pieces from the exhibition.

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