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Irene Marsh

Bath has always attracted artists and writers. The City is famous worldwide. However Bath is not an easy subject. To truly depict the sheer quirkiness of the place an artist needs a very acute eye and a highly developed technique.

The Maven Gallery is fortunate to represent the most accomplished painter currently working in the City: Irene Marsh.

Nobody can paint Bath (especially in the rain) like her. Irene’s super-real, meticulous, watercolours are, like the City of Bath itself, famous all over the world. We sell abso- lutely every paining we can get and often there is a waiting list.

However, quality like this is not easy to achieve. Producing, at most a square inch a day,a major work can take her months to nish.Larger pieces, can take more than six months to complete.

Irene tells us that she wants her paintings to represent what she sees and not to be sentimental. She says --

“If I left out details, the impact would be lost and the pictures would start to look like something from the past. I want my work to show life as it is today,right down to the last puddle. I love the re ectionsthat you see on vehicles, on the paintwork and windows, but most of all I love old wet paving stones: this gives life and movement to a picture”.



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