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Irene Marsh

Unique watercolours of Bath

Stunning watercolour paintings of the city of Bath, capturing the wet flagstone paving reflecting the Georgian architecture and vibrant shops.

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Bonnie Helen Hawkins

Evocative oil paintings of the UK

Bonnie is a very diverse painter and illustrator working in oil, pencil, pastel and watercolour she paints landscapes, seascapes, abstracts, figurative, equestrian and animals.

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Chris Dunn

Local illustrator

Local illustrator with incredible attention to detail, working in watercolour and gauche he creates wonderful scenes of Bath and also more fantasy scenes with inspiration from books like the wind and the willows.


David Napp

Vibrant pastels of Bath and beyond

 David Napp is an internationally recognised artist who has successfully exhibited for over twenty years. Well-known for his highly individual and distinctive oils and pastels, he has received awards both in England and abroad.

We stock a range of reproductions of his work of Bath, Italy, France and Spain.


Adebanji Alade

Plein air expressionist oil painter 

Vice President of the society of oil painters and known for his work on the TV (one show) Adebanji is a wonderful impressionist style painter who has painted bath in almost every condition at every hour.

He is predominantly a plain air painter working in situ.


Keith Hanselman

Bold abstracted still life

Originally trained as a textile designer Keith is a late starter, who, after a successful

career has returned to painting.

His exuberant almost alarming use of colour and flattened perspective seems at first glance to be simply naive, but on closer inspection, it

becomes clear that this is very sophisticated work.


Shane Feeney

Impressionist painter of Bath

Inspired by Monet, Shane has a lovely feel to his oil paintings mainly of the Bath Abbey.

Like Monet did with the Rouen Cathedral Shane is doing with the Bath Abbey he has set out to paint 31 canvases of the Abbey in different light, angles and colour pallets.

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