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A person who has specialist knowledge or experience; an expert.

to understand, derived from bîn, to discern

ex·traor·di·nar·y: Beyond what is ordinary or usual:

Highly exceptional; remarkable: from Latin extraordinarius.

The new Maven Gallery located on Northumberland Placein the heart of Bath

is focused on the unique, the refinedand the extraordinary. 

‘Extraordinary’ is a much used word by visitors to Maven as we only display truly

exceptional works of art from a very select collection of artists exclusive to us.

Bath is extraordinary, Northumberland Place is extraordinary, Irene Marsh, Bonnie Helen-Hawkins and Michael Talbot are all extraordinary… Bored with the average ‘work of art’? Confused by ‘ArtSpeak’?....

Pay us a visit and see something extraordinary!

The City of Bath is a truly extraordinary place... but it did not get to be a World Heritage Site by accident.

For centuries Bath has been home to the creative excellence... there is nothing common place about the Roman Baths, The Abbey, Pulteney Bridge... or Jane Austen, come to that.

Maven, slap bang in the Heart of the City, is a new gallery designed with that ethos in mind. We focus. We select.

We never compromise.

There is nothing ordinary about The Maven Gallery or the work we select to display, or the artists we represent... as can be seen when you visit our gallery.

Meet The Team

Mike Porter

Josh Bright

Terry Laytham

Managing Director

+447511 446 744

Bronzes • Commissions • Events • Business Opportunities

Commercial Director

+447427 647 470

Sales • Bronzes • Commissions • Reproduction Services • Website • General Enquiries • Events

Sales Assistant

+441225 542 936

General Enquires • Sales

Reproduction Services

Make more from your art by printing

If you are an artist looking to expand your product range we can help by scanning, proofing and printing your editions for you.

We can even offer to sell your prints through our website and you wouldn't need to worry about any fulfilment responsibilities.

To find out more call or email Josh on:


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