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This exhibition: ‘Transformation’ is the culmination of a lifetime of observing and painting the natural world especially the sea, the beach, the sky and the ever-changing transformational power of sunlight on the landscape.. She says:

  “I feel privileged that my paintings have always struck a chord with others.  Art is the ultimate expression of mankind, I am a link in an unbroken chain that stretches back to our hunter gatherer ancestors, painting the force of nature in the pristine world around them, on cave walls” Growing up on the West Coast of Wales, studying in Cornwall and now having family on the North Coast has directly influenced the art I create. In my paintings I try to represent both place, (our spiritual connection to land)  but also fleeting moments of time.”


‘Transformation’ represents over twelve months work, travelling between Wales and Cornwall. 

Bonnie’s stunning triptych, ‘Transformation’  is inspired by Pablo Picasso’s famous observation: 


“There are painters who transform the sun in to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their intelligence, transform the yellow spot into the sun”

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Fine art reproductions by Irene Marsh

A wide range of prints on canvas and paper, coming soon.

All reproductions are made by us, using the best quality equipment and materials.

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